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I hope it is going to help to identify the minis that you may still be looking for or you may not even know that they exist. When the site is finished you will be able to find information and pictures of almost 6500 (when I started there were a bit more than 4500) different mini bottles, both distillery addition and from independent bottlers. Of course if I find any mini not listed yet, the site shall be updated as soon as possible.

If you find any mistakes (hope there are not too many) please let me know about them.
I would like to ask you to inform me about any minis not listed. I would appreciate if you sent me both information and the photos.

I also hope that sometime in future I will be able to add the approximate prices of the minis especially those that cannot be found in any retail outlet any longer.

Now I must admit that this site would never appear without help of three men -

Ate H. Gjaltema, Paul Verstappen, Alex Barclay and Nikos from Greece


Let me also mention some Japanese collectors - Yasuyuki Nakai, Taizo Shiratsuchi and Kazuo Yoshida. Their sites were a great information source, as well as the sites of Laurie Drake, Chris Rymer, Ben Woodward, Bert Thomson and Heirich from Germany and all not mentioned here. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

And now - "PRIMUS INTER PARES" - ...

I simply cannot imagine this site without the pictures from this site.

Enjoy ...

And now ... some history ...

30th August 2016

So the decision has been made - I am leaving Poland for good. Nothing keeps me here any longer not even the collection as I decided to give it away for nothing to my friend. I simply couldn't make the decision of selling it - it really cost me a lot, not even money but time. I can only hope he will keep his promise to build the display as well as to expand the collection.
I have no idea when I will be able to update the site but I will do my best. There are still lots of minis to be added here.

and just WISH ME LUCK - I will need it.

August 2016

More than 4 years have passed since I last updated this site.
As well as many things have changed in the world as well as for me. It is not a place to write what was happening with me but generally nothing good. Enough to say that I am literally homeless, so I hope you can undarstand that it won't be easy for me to keep this site updated.
Having said that, you can understand why my collection cannot expand any more. Lucky me that I have a good friend where I can keep the minis safe. I really miss the view when they all were displayed.

Since the last update many new minis appeared on the market both distillery issues as well as from independent merchants. I will try to add as many as I can - at least I can promise you that.

Before the real update with new minis and their picturen I must correct some problems withthe site first. It shouldn't take long ...

PS. Many thanks for Nikos from Athens for his great collection and his great website.

12th June

So, 10000 hits of home site reached.
Just two more minis and 7000 minis listed shall be reached too.

Thanks to all of you.

Let your collection grow.

to be continued ...

18th December

Almost two years in the net. More than 1150 users. Not bad, I think.
Next year this site shall be like a 3 YEAR-OLD SINGLE MALT WHISKY.
Thanks to you all.

Merry Christmas & A Better Happier New Year 2011.

7th March

Thanks to Leon Theuws I can add some of the oldies that have not been listed yet.
I also hope that there are to be some more to add. I just have not had the time to see the entire Leon's website.

Thank you very much for your help Leon.

5th March

Thanks to Harry Krueger I can add some of the oldies that have not been listed yet.
I also hope that there are to be some more to add. I just have not had the time to see the entire Harry's website.

Thank you very much for your help Harry.

25th Janurary

I can see now tha I have not writtten for quite a long time ...

On Monday 25th Januray I finally received a package with pictures from Ben's collection.
What a nice surprise. It is worth to live for such moments :-)
Thank you, Ben, for a great gift that filled one more gap in my collection ...
More tah a 1000 (!) photos of a very good quality. It will take some time to add the minis that have not been listed yet and replace some of the pictures.
Anyway, soon you will be able to see most of them.

Let me once again express how grateful I am, Ben :-)

Let your collection GROW :-)

12th December

What a day ... A year ago I uploaded this site for the first time. The time is running so quickly that it seems it was just yesterday.
I must say I happy that I have been able to keep this site up to date for this time.
So many new addictions, so many new friends - collectors. It was worth even only I know how much time it cost me.

My plans for the coming year?

1. To keep on going, of course
2. I would love to add the prices. I know it won't be easy and unfortunately as accurate as I wish but ... better have something than nothing. Basically I can tell for now that I am going to rely on and e-bay.
I will start with the letter "A" and keep on going further trying of course to keep it up to date as far as it is possible. I think that all the prices shall be in EURO.

So, it is time thank all those that supported me as well as all those for whom this site was useful.
I wish all of YOU Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Let it be better that this one.


25th October

I haven't had much work with the new addiction so I decided to replace some pictures. The new ones come from my own collection. I am sorry for their quality but I am not good at taking pictures. I can only hope that the details can be seen easily. This work is not finished yet. The rest should appear with the next updates soon. I hope to finish that before Christmas.

13th September

Recently I have received some very nice e-mails from Miguel from Bilbao,, Roger MacKay from the USA and again from Ben Woodward. Thanks to all of them I could add some minis that have not been listed yet.
What's more I hope to get some more photos from them.
I can't wait that ...

Thank you very much.

PS. Shall I reach 6000 minis here by the end of this year? I hope so ...

15th August 2009

Everything is back as it should be again. It took some time but it was worth. I also had a chance to add some new or better photos. Right now there are more than 10000 of them to be seen.
Have fun.

11th August 2009

Sometimes shit simply happnes and it happnned to me a few days ago. Some software problems occurred. Instead of adding new issues not listed so far, lookig for them in the web or going through the list of minis from Heinrich (and the photos) I will have to waste the time to fix all the bugs.
The website should be OK back again by the end of this week. (I hope so ...)

24th July 2009

The last few days I spent on updating G&MP CC issues and ... I got a bit confused. I found some CC Old Map issues that had slightly different fonts. I am not sure yet whether I should count these ones as label variations or not. Anyway I will have to update additional information about G&MP issues (better pictures as well as more detailed notes).
Also I will have to spend quite a long time to go through the pictures that were sent to me by Heinrich (thank you so much). This will help me to update the Aberlour and Edradour issues.
So ... a lot of work still needs to be done ...

15th July 2009

Thanks to Ben Woodward, I was able to add two missing minis from Ben Nevis.
I hope that your website will come back very soon, Ben. I know it costs a lot of time and work but ...

12th June 2009

J have just added the last minis that I have got their pictures. I should have some time to rest ... but for some reason I do not believe it will be long.
There are still lots of minis that I have not even heard of and still the new issues appearing on the market. What is more I still need to add so many second pictures. Endless work but I will keep on doing that.
I hope this site will be helpful for all the single malt whisky mini bottles collectors from all over the world.

8th July 2009

And so thanks to this site and the internet one more friend made ... This time from Germany.
Thank you very much, Heinrich. Two new minis from Aberlour from you have found a new "home".

30th May 2009

I have just reached 5507 minis listed ... When I started I did not expect that there were going to be so many of them.
Soon I will upload the list of minis I know they exist but unfortunately I do not have any pictures of them. Who knows ... maybe somebody will help me to get them?

21st May 2009

Two days ago I came up with the idea of mailing Bladnoch distillery and ... to my great surprise I got an immediate response. I had a pleasure to contact Sue and thanks to her now I can present some of the minis from Bladonch that have not been listed yet.

Thank you so much SUE and all the best for you and Bladnoch distillery.

8th April 2009

I have just pick up the mail ... The package from Mr Alex Barclay. Breathtaking collection. Anyone can dream of it. If I win in Lotto I know what I will do ...
I must say that also lots of work needs to be done to update the information as well as the images. I will definitely take some time before it is completed especially that all this work I will do on my own. But ... it is a kind of relax and great satisfaction, too.

7th March 2009

The things speeded up in the second half of 2008. I had some more free time to sort out all the mess that I had with the pictures as well as with their descriptions. But ... there was one more problem - I had no idea of HTML or anything like that, so either I had to have someone elso to create this site or ...
I was lucky, I must say. I found some software that hepls to create the website to people like me. I started to learn how to use it. And ... finally sometime in December last year I uploaded some of the files for the first time.
And now it is and it WILL be kept updated.

Some days ago I found two interesting sites:

The first one by John Thiesen - a collector from Bornholm


Marcel van Gils - a collector from Holland interested in Laphroaig Distillery.

Thanks to both of them I will be able to add some minis from Ardbeg, Bowmore and Laphroaig that were not listed here so far ....

1st February 2009

I'm 43 and I live in a "funny" country called Poland.

When did I started collecting minibottles? If I remeber well it was 1994. Then I got my first mini - Godet VS. At the beginning I collected simply everything but in 2000 I decided to specialise and I chose - scotch single malt whisky. Why? I think because I also love drinking it.

At that time I also started buying some minibottles on e-bay. Thanks to that I had that pleasure to get in touch with Mr Ate H. Gjaltema and some other collectors.
Unfortunately, as everyone who collects minibottles knows, this is quite an expensive hobby, so my collection is not a big one - around 500 minis but I am not going to give it up.

Some years ago I realised that we are in far much worse position than those who collect coins or stamps - they can get cataloques with pictures and what is also very important - prices.
At that time I started collecting the pictures of all single malt whisky minibottles, both distillery editions as well as from all independent bottlers (including all existing varieties of tops, labels and imports).



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