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Cadenhead's label are divided into 7 major types.

1. The Black Label Type.

A - no cont. - 80 PROOF (green bottles) YEARS 15 OLD

B - no cont. - 46%vol (green or white bottles) 21 YEARS OLD

C - 5cl - 44,2%vol (green bottles) YEARS 25 OLD or 20 YEARS OLD

WHITE FONTS on all labels.

Known Black Label Type editions with coloured fonts (distillery name, age etc.).

They were issued in Set Boxes with 4 minis in each. Very limited editions - 60 sets.

2. II Label Type.

All bottles are green.

Cont. and vol.

a - 5cl - 60%vol

b - 50ml - 61,6%alc/vol (these have back labels - either of an American Importer or with the words "SAMPLE NOT FOR RESALE")

3. Authentic Collection Label.

White bottles.

4. Original Collection Label.

Bottles green or white.

NOTE: The same whisky migth be bottled in green bottles as well as in white ones (as shown in the photos).

5. WMC Label Type.

White bottles only.

6. Regional Label Type.

White bottles. Front labels colours depending on distillation region.

The distillery name, age, cont. and vol. stated only on the back label.

NOTE: They may be different font sizes (as shown of the photos).

7. Black And White Label ("chessboard")

Green bottles.

Very rare - very limited editions.

8. Others



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