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Last update - 19th FEBRUARY 2012

7346 minis listed so far ...

GuestBook finally added - PLEASE leave your comment

33 new ones added since last update and still many more to come ...

66 minis added in 2012

This site is dedicated to all those collecting single malt scotch whisky mini bottles.

I hope it is going to help to identify the minis that you may still be looking for or you may not even know that they exist. When the site is finished you will be able to find information and pictures of almost 6500 (when I started there were a bit more than 4500) different mini bottles, both distillery addition and from independent bottlers. Of course if I find any mini not listed yet, the site shall be updated as soon as possible.

If you find any mistakes (hope there are not too many) please let me know about them.
I would like to ask you to inform me about any minis not listed. I would appreciate if you sent me both information and the photos.

I also hope that sometime in future I will be able to add the approximate prices of the minis especially those that cannot be found in any retail outlet any longer.

Now I must admit that this site would never appear without help of three men -

Ate H. Gjaltema, Paul Verstappen and Alex Barclay


Let me also mention some Japanese collectors - Yasuyuki Nakai, Taizo Shiratsuchi and Kazuo Yoshida. Their sites were a great information source, as well as the sites of Laurie Drake, Chris Rymer, Ben Woodward, Bert Thomson and Heirich from Germany. THANK YOU VERY MUCH.

And now - "PRIMUS INTER PARES" - ...

I simply cannot imagine this site without the pictures from this site.

Enjoy ...

PS. If there is ANYONE interested in obtainig this entire list of scotch single malt minibottles together with the photos (excell file with hyperlinks to each mini), simply mail me ...

It is possible to obtain the list of approximate prices ....
(More info here...)

And now ... some history of this website ...

since the end of December 2008

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